Andy McNeill is a composer and music consultant based in Toronto.

His credits include:  Agent Binky: Pets of the Universe (Treehouse/Discovery, w/ Carl Lenox), The Nature Of Things with David Suzuki (CBC), Recipe to Riches (Global/Food Network), House & Home (Global/HGTV US), The Fifth Estate (CBC), Undercurrents (CBC), Jonovision (CBC, w/ George Guerrette), several TVO and TFO programs, and the ONE channel (ONE).

His music was featured in the award winning feature documentary The Corporation.

In October 2007 he composed the score for the PBS Frontline/ CBC documentary Darfur:  On Our Watch. In October 2001, he received a Gemini nomination for best original music score in a documentary program for History Television’s Turning Points In History “Cloud of Death”.

In radio, Andy has worked as music consultant for many IDEAS programs on CBC Radio One.  He worked closely with the late celebrated broadcaster and musicologist Lister Sinclair.

Andy also composes and creates tracks for the Los Angeles-based music library Velvet Ears.  Created and curated by music supervisor Liz Gallacher, it is tagged as the “art-house, post-punk production music boutique.”  Velvet Ears is distributed by Extreme Music/Sony ATV.

Andy’s recording project The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra released their first recording in 2010.  The album featured actress Isabella Rossellini as a special guest.  It received a four-star Disc Of The Week review from The Globe and Mail and was named one of the ten best of 2010 by Laurie Brown of CBC Radio Two’s The Signal.

Andy lives with his wife and son in Elora Ontario and in moments of spare time likes to play slide guitar and watch the baseball game.

photo:  Trudy Artman